WConnecta brings together 800 transport professionals at the largest networking event in Europe

More than 300 companies gathered last Friday, October 26 in Madrid, which has become the reference event for the freight transport sector in Europe.

With a total of 6,416 interviews carried out, WConnecta has once again managed to put the best European transport companies at its speed networking desks with the aim of finding trusted collaborators, creating synergies and detecting new business opportunities.

After nine editions, and with an almost identical format to its first edition, which took place in Madrid in 2011 and which was attended by 50 participants, WConnecta has been able to gather 800 attendees.


60% of participating companies are Spanish, followed by companies from Italy, Poland and Portugal, all with the representation of around 10%, thus agglutinating the largest supply of carriers in Europe.

Similarly, faithful to their appointment, on both sides of the table, has been significant the presence of Eastern countries, which have had representatives of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, among others, as well as the great logistics operators from Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Belgium.

The Speed Networking area, the core of the event, where rapid 7-minute interviews are conducted – depending on the specialty of transport and if you are a cargo or truck bidder – witnessed 4,320 quick interviews, or what is same, 4,320 exchanges of cards that will most likely result in new collaborations.


On the other hand, the Cargo Area welcomed 52 logistics operators and cargo transport companies that carried out 1,456 private interviews, previously arranged, with carriers interested in collaborating with them.

Also, in the afternoon, the Business Center was set up, a space similar to the Cargo Area that, open to any participating company, hosted 640 more private interviews.

With this WConnecta, a stage is closed in which Wtransnet, promoter of the event through its foundation, has changed ownership. However, its new board of directors, the Alpega Group, is determined to keep it up due to the innovative nature of its format and the success it has achieved year after year.


Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of the Alpega Group, said he was very happy to have been part of this event and impressed by how it can bring the associated companies together and help them do more business with each other:

«WConnecta is in line with the vision that Alpega has on the construction of a collaborative framework in transportation. Hence, we intend to repeat this successful event also in 2019».

The 10th edition of WConnecta already has a date: Barcelona, October 18, 2019.


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