Sleeping in a cab is now prohibited in many European countries

Many EU countries have banned the possibility for drivers to sleep in a cab. They will face high fines, as well as the company they work for, in countries such as France, Belgium and Germany.

In Germany, both the carrier and driver are going to be subject to a fine, amounting to €60 for each hour of illegal parking for the driver and to 180€ for the carrier for each hour of parking. The current law draft proposal is going to ban the regular weekly rest (45 hours) in the cabin of the truck or in any unsuitable accommodation. Considering this, the total fine can go up to €2700 for the driver and €8100 for the carrier.

In France the rule is similar, although the fines are definitely higher. If failing to comply to the new regulations, both the driver and carrier can be sentenced up to a year in prison and a fine of 30.000€.

In Belgium, for the same situation, the fines can go up to 1800€, while in the Netherlands the situation is still being discussed: although sleeping in the truck cab has been prohibited time ago and the fines can go up 1300€, the law has not been enforced yet.


Germany is the latest to apply this new regulation, shortly preceded by neighbours Austria. The Alpine country has not yet revealed the amount of its penalties, although sleeping in a cab during the 45-hours rest period is now prohibited.

In the countries adopting this ban, the employer has to provide his drivers with an accomodation in decent sanitary conditions. The accomodation should be organized and managed with time. Any last minute solution is not going to be accepted.

The main focus is then to protect the driver’s safety and his good health. This is probably the main reason why all these countries have started to ban the 45 hours rest in a cab as well as the roadside parking.

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