The obligation to inform online the displacement of workers begins in Italy

Foreign companies that do international transport or cabotage in Italy will have to report online the displacement of workers with the new Minimum Wage Law.

Italy and the transport come to the fore. If last week we read in the press about the first cases of sanctions against Spanish carriers, due to a lack of information in the CMRs, now have to talk about the Italian minimum wage law. Starting from March 1st, and after the 6 days grant as an adaptation period, has begun the obligation to report online about the displacement of workers in Italy, althought this only affects cabotage operations.

As indicated by the Forma Italia Formation Center, this is a preventive communication of displacement for which the central management of the Italian Labor Inspectorate has enabled the UNI-CAB-EU Communication Form through the «Distacco UE» platform.

Thus foreign transport companies that move workers to Italy to start cabotage operations in this country must use the online procedure to make the preventive declaration of displacement within 24 hours of the day before the first operation. If the communication had already been sent via email, it will not be requested again unless it had to be canceled or modified. In that case it would be necessary to proceed to send a new communication through the new platform.


Inside the truck cabin it is necessary to keep copies of these communications alongside with the following information, in order to allow its review by the control bodies:

  • Data of the service provider / company that moves
  • Data of the displaced worker
  • General information about the company: name, address, VAT number and the address of the representative chosen by the company for Italy.
  • Date of the first cabotage operation carried out on the Italian territory
  • Date of last cabotage operation carried out before leaving the Italian territory

Eventually, it is important to remember that a company that communicates for the first time a displacement will have to request its access to the system to the Ministry of Labor through the previous registration of the company. If any problems occur in registering or compiling the form, the Ministry has created these email addresses for the users: and

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