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A complete guide to the European driving bans in 2018

Are you planning your routes around Europe? Do you know when the traffic is going to be banned in other countries?   Driving restrictions often represent an obstacle while organizing your company’s daily workflow in the most efficient way. Save time with Wtransnet! We have prepared a complete guide where …

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Restrictions, an unresolved problem for the associations

Driving restrictions have always been an unresolved issue. Every year associations propose different solutions but no institutional answer has ever arrived. Being unaware of the driving restrictions calendar has always been a torture for haulers during their routes. Every time they drive in Europe they have to check and organize their …

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What is the trend of the freight exchanges in Europe?

The freight exchanges have become indispensable tools for the transport companies and independent carriers as they make the process of contracting freights and trucks much more efficient. They promote business relationships between companies that did not know each other previously, therefore Wtransnet pays special attention to its admissions policy. What …

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