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Freight Exchanges are a bid to improve the efficiency of road transport in Europe

In recent weeks it has come to light that the European Commission (EC) is proposing new rules to improve the road transport in the European Union, measures including the simplification of rules and the deletion of restrictions. Following the Report on the internal market on the EU road transport industry, from the EC it is concluded that the opening of national transport markets would improve competition and a decrease in empty shipments and, therefore, an increase in efficiency in the sector.

Jaume Esteve, CEO of Wtransnet, pointed in the same direction in his speech at the FERRMED convention in the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels: ”The transport flows of goods between the various European regions are not compensated as each region has different production capacities. This causes transport in Europe is inefficient because many trucks run without return load back home”.
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What do the Freight Exchanges provide to the sector?
The companies and self-employers that transport goods by road above 200 km of distance are daily confronted with the problem of finding loads in their destinations that enable them to optimize return trips.
With the arrival of Internet in Spain, in 1997, the first freight and truck exchanges appeared. These online services help carriers find loads and facilitate outsourcing in those cases where the haulier has more volume than the one he can cover.

The freight exchanges have become, in the last two decades, indispensable tools for companies and self-employers as they have allowed the process of contracting loads and trucks be much more efficient.
Using a freight exchange means to have real time information about available loads and trucks from thousands of companies in different countries. Access to this information allows you to take decisions and manage the daily activity of the company having multiple options for contracting.
“Wtransnet solution is really simple: we have created an online tool where we promote collaborative work- says Jaume Esteve -. We share information with companies that have daily routes to a destination and show them to 10.000 European companies so that if there are companies that are working in the reverse route, they can contact each other to optimize their trips.

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