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What is the trend of the freight exchanges in Europe?

The freight exchanges have become indispensable tools for the transport companies and independent carriers as they make the process of contracting freights and trucks much more efficient. They promote business relationships between companies that did not know each other previously, therefore Wtransnet pays special attention to its admissions policy. What happens if you take a load and you are not paid? Can you guarantee the payment of the contracted freights? Can you trust the carrier that will deliver a load to you customer?

In Wtransnet, after 17 years in the market, we remain committed to safety as the stronghold of our services. Therefore, we work every day in our strict security policy, based on the monitoring QAP system (Quality Assurance Policy). Its mission is filtering the new companies but also monitoring continuously their behavior in accordance with the standards accepted at the registration.

The security, in and out of the freight exchanges must be a commitment to be acquired both by the transport companies and logistics operators when contracting a truck because it is important the security of the drivers but it is also important to know in advance with whom are you going to work so that the whole supply chain is benefited.

In our opinion, the future of the Freight Exchanges involves the creation of a working space increasingly safer. One way that well-known transport and logistics companies have already undertaken because in addition to their daily use of freight exchanges, they are betting on private environments within them. This is the case of CARGO Plus, the online Wtransnet tool that helps you to choose the best carrier for each load based on the information that the system has accumulated of the list of preferred suppliers.

In Wtransnet we are not only committed to safety but also with the sector. From the Wtransnet Foundation we are working since 2006 channeling resources for the benefit of transport and logistics companies. Proof of this is WConnecta, an international meeting of transport professionals whose leit motiv is the creation of a safe space in which to work with trusted suppliers.
The transport of goods by road in Europe is in this direction and Wtransnet will continue moving towards this goal.

What do you think about the role of freight exchanges in the transport sector?

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