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Agreement of collaboration between Grimaldi Lines and Wtransnet

The Italian shipping company Grimaldi Lines and Wtransnet, an online Freight and Truck Exchange, have signed a collaboration agreement to promote, through their corporate websites and other communication channels, the iniciatives both will carry out for the transport and logistics industry.
This collaboration has the aim of boosting the international transport through the information exchange, the access to new contacts and the creation of collaborations between companies of the industry.

In the words of Guido Grimaldi, Corporate Truck & Trailer Commercial Manager of Grimaldi Group, “Wtransnet is a helpful tool for those transport companies interested in finding new market opportunities in different regions of Europe and we are pleased to start a co-marketing project with all their team”.

“From Wtransnet we consider that using the services of Grimaldi Lines is a smart way of working. The carrier must use every means at its disposal to be competitive and serve well its customers. Undoubtedly, motorways of the sea are an option that open new horizons to the Iberian haulier”  said Jaume Esteve, Wtransnet CEO.

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