Would you like to meet with Europe’s best logistics operators?

Together with speed networking the Cargo Area is part of the hard core of the event. In this area you can request appointments with European logistics operators and transport companies offering freight within Wtransnet, as these companies will have a private table for meetings with transport professionals interested in collaborating with them.

In contrast to the speedy interviews, these encounters happen in a more private setting, they take longer (15 minutes) and are previously scheduled. For this purpose, we have enabled a virtual agenda which all participants of WConnecta can access to request interviews. In order to receive the access key for the list of exhibitors on the Cargo Area, you simply need to have completed your registration and carried out the payment.

The activity in the Cargo Area and the speed networking rounds will happen concurrently, which is why companies usually register more than one participant so that each one can cover an area of the event. Nevertheless, if you join alone, you simply need to get up from the speed networking round, attend the interview in the Cargo Area, and at the end of it return to the same table you left before.


Another thing to consider is that all companies of the Cargo Area will have at least one representative in the Speed Networking rounds, which is why you will still have the chance to meet up for a quick interview, even if you failed to achieve an appointment with the company.

Within the private part of the Cargo Area you will have access to the requested appointments and their status (agenda). When you request an interview, the exhibitor will receive a notification. He can accept or reject it. An accepted interview will automatically be saved in our agenda. In the last couple of days before the event you will be able to download the agenda as a PDF file and print it, so you will find it easier to organize the event day.

In addition to that, with our WConnecta App available for iOS and Android you will also be able to access your Cargo Area account.

Finally, as an exhibitor of the Cargo Area you will be provided with access keys to request interviews with other companies who will be represented in the area. You will just have to make sure your own table is always staffed.

In case of doubts regarding the way the Cargo Area works, you can consult our tutorial or send us an email to wconnecta@wtransnet.com.

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