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The companies’ information service is decisive for establishing new collaborations inside the Freight Exchange

What happens if I have doubts before contracting with a company that I have not collaborated before?
Situations like this one can very often arise in transport and logistics companies when a new collaboration is going to start. The uncertainty about the seriousness at the time of doing the trip or in other aspects as the payment terms or the required documentation can make sometimes dispensing with new partners or so losing business opportunities.

It is not surprising that the Companies’ Information Service is one of the most valued and used by Wtransnet associates. Silvia Arroyo, Customer Service Director, explains the reason. “ We are the only Exchange able to give updated information from the sector. Through this service it is possible to know the history of the companies that you are interested to collaborate with”.

What advantages does this service provide to Wtransnet associates?
With just one phone call and in few minutes, you can obtain direct information about the history of the company in the Freight Exchange. This speed in the information is vital in a sector where the time is so important and the contracts have to be done as soon as possible.
Which is the procedure of the Customer Service Department to provide this service?
As a general rule, the client who is calling asks about extensive information about the company. Our procedure is always to check the company’s history, how long they are associated to Wtransnet,  if they have had payment or transport incidents, etc.
What information does the user need?
One of the most regular questions is related to know if the company with the freight has available credit for contracting the Payment Guarantee Service. With only one phone call this doubt is solved and they can proceed immediately to complete the online form.

Other questions have to do with the behaviour of the companies with the payments or verify if the company is really associated to Wtransnet, check the time they are offering freights or if there are companies related with them.
Companies from countries that traditionally offer freights as France or Germany and whose main interest is contracting hauliers value the seriousness of the carrier as they are going to contract the service. This call allows them to get to know the history of the haulier inside of Wtransnet and this is a relevant information that tips the scale to one side at the time of making a decision about contracting the trip.

Ana Arana, from the International Customer Service, adds that in case of companies from Central Europe or East Europe, they are interested in knowing the payment punctuality or if this company has had some payment incidents. “This information is very important for the companies, especially if this is the first collaboration. Indeed, this is one of the most valuated services besides the payment guarantee”
Check more details about the Information Service of Wtransnet and the rest of the services included in BeLink, the only transport community with more than 9.500 companies with approved QAP (Quality Assurance Policy) filters.

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