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“The Routes Exchange is interesting for those companies that need to reach collaborative agreements and develop their business”

Are you a haulier that offers regularly your trucks in the same routes or a forwarder with regular freights in a specifc route?
The Exchange for Fixed Routes is intended to find collaborations between carriers that are looking for regular and long-terms agreements and companies offering regular routes.

Francisco López Ibáñez, self-employed carrier: “I found long-term job through a post in the Routes Exchange. I am working with this company since last October and I am very satisfied. Thanks to the Routes Exchange, I do not have the need to search for loads every day and also I offer my trucks because if I am in the market, companies call me. In addition, I search daily which companies are looking for self-employed carriers and what routes are they offering”.

Francisco López Ibáñez

If you are a transport operator, sometimes you may find it difficult to find carriers for your routes. Post your domestic and international routes and you will find hauliers specialized in each of these routes. Contact directly to the carriers.
Francisco Javier López Martínez from BRING FRIGO S.L, a company leader in Denmark and based in Spain, said: “the Routes Exchange has provided us many contacts with companies interested in the routes we offer regularly. Logically, we have not reached agreements with all but we have established business relationships with some of them and we have contacted others with which we may collaborate in the future”.
The Routes Exchange makes it possible long-term partnerships with reliable, trustworthy hauliers who are also specialized in one type of route. The immediacy of this online service allows you to optimize your time and to provide a quicker response to your customers.
In the words of  Marina Gil (Dispatching Department SUN TRANS INTERNATIONAL)
“We are customers of the Routes Exchange since 2009 and, in our case, it has helped us to expand the contacts. I would definitely recommend this service”.
Work in a secure environment: Thanks to the exclusive Wtransnet QAP (Quality Assurance Policy) system, only carriers that have provided references of their own customers can work in the Routes Exchange. Carriers and companies offering freights have been filtered before being registered and Wtransnet applies the appropriate warnings to those companies that do not comply with the established rules.


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