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WConnecta, an event model exclusively aimed for transport companies

1-wconnecta-smallSeveral weeks have gone by since WConnecta Madrid 2015, the 6th edition of an event which has always been conceived by and for goods road transport professionals. This is the approach on which the success of the event is based, where all the activity revolves around the philosophy of collaboration among companies, the objective of which is to find trustworthy collaborators in a sector in which security and professionalism are up-and-coming values.


The past edition welcomed nearly 700 participants, becoming the most multitudinous in its history with a 40% increase in participation compared to the previous edition.

But, what are the keys which make WConnecta a benchmark event in Europe within the transport sector events?

The answer is none other than the format and how it has been aimed at achieving the objects of its participants.  Via the speed networking system, or fast interviews, organised based on the interests and specialties of each company, we aim to promote relationships among European professionals who are located at far distances from each other but who have complementary professional needs and interests.


The aim is to obtain first-hand knowledge regarding the maximum number of contacts for building the bases for future collaborations with European companies: a task which would take several months if performed by a commercial department, but has been resolved within one working day.

“The format of WConnecta is innovative and truly allows to connect many companies, in record time! It would take much longer to do over the telephone or in person. By attending this event we all know that we are here to get to know each other and the more contacts we make, the more possibilities of helping each other in our day-to-day work”.

Celia Valdivia
Commercial Manager for P&O Ferrymasters


Another of the key points for understanding the success of the format is the Cargo Area, an area reserved for the main logistics operators and transportcompany offering loads in Europe. In the end, these are the companies which everyone wants to talk to, hence they have their own space at WConnecta for holding private meetings with companies who have previously booked an interview with them.

On this occasion, the event included the presence of 45 companies, with nearly 30% more meetings than in the previous edition.

“From my point of view, this has definitely been the best organised edition.  They have clearly limited the two working areas: the Speed Networking and the Cargo Area. It seems we have achieved our objective, and we now have to close deals for future collaborations”.

Ana Isabel Teresa
Procurement Manager for Transporte Nacional


Another of the factors which has led WConnecta to become a benchmark event within the goods road transport sector is its increasing internationalisation. WConnecta Madrid 2015 has welcomed representation from 16 different countries. After Spain, which continues to be the country with the most presence, Portugal came second with 30.6% participation in comparison to European companies, followed by Poland (20.45%) and Italy (14.77%). All together, 33% of the participating companies were from outside Spain, thanks to which this edition has been one of the most international one of its history. Also highlighting the fact that more than half of the participating companies were attending the event for the very first time.

“WConnecta has allowed us to get to know companies which are interested in our experience in the scope of distribution within the European territory and with specific offers for this region.
Once again the event has been a great success and it has allowed us to achieve our objective, which for this year was to get to know reliable companies with which we can work in Poland”.

Laura Leocata
Business Development – Marcotran

The challenge now falls on the organisation, which is responsible for working on the WConnecta 2016 edition and assessing all the possibilities for making this annual event become a must for the best transport companies in Europe.


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