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WFinder 2.0 is the meeting point of the best companies

Three months ago, Wtransnet, the leading Freight and Truck Exchange in Southern Europe, re-launched its fully renovated Associates Searcher. Under the name of WFinder 2.0, it presents new features and search criteria that enable you to find, meet and contact the best companies of the sector.

The most specialized and safest searcher in the transport sector
With more than 300.000 monthly searches, WFinder 2.0 has become the most specialized and most comprehensive searcher of the sector besides of being a powerful business tool for its users as it contains detailed and constantly updated information of over 10.000 transport and logistics companies.

But, what brings you WFinder 2.0 that other searchers do not have?

Firstly, reliability. All companies in the searcher have passed the quality filters and have agreed to a code of ethics and behaviour with respect to other users. In addition, there is an Audit Committee that monitors the compliance with these standards and, if irregularities are detected, they may ban these companies from the Exchange.
Another unique feature of WFinder 2.0 is the possibility to customize the search criteria with a high level of accuracy. Let’s see an example of this:
Let’s say we are a Dutch company and we are looking for a Spanish company that is specialized in routes to Netherlands but also has the following characteristics: international full loads, trucks Euro 5 type, quality certification, GPS and speak English. Through all the search options, we can refine our search as much as we want. We will obtain a list of companies that meet all requirements as it is shown below.

But, what is most valued by the users, besides this detailed search, is the option to differentiate the companies offering trucks or loads when doing a search by route. This is an option that only WFinder 2.0 can offer along with all the others. The aim of this searcher is promoting the collaboration between companies and consequently, business in a security environment marked by a strict quality policy.
Learn how WFinder 2.0 can help you to expand your network of contacts:

+ info: WFinder 2.0

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