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Would you like to identify yourself as a safe and reliable company inside Wtransnet community?

Now you can get your customized QAP quality seal with your membership number and get certified as a safe and reliable company to your potential partners.
The QAP (Quality Assurance Policy) system is part of the strict security policy of Wtransnet since the birth of the freight exchange, one of its distinctive proposals. It aims to ensure a professional, safe and reliable environment to operate at a European level.

The QAP Quality Seal
Wtransnet is aware that being a member of the freight exchange offers some guarantees, therefore, it has decided to grant the QAP Quality Seal to all those companies that have worked properly and contribute daily to a safety working environment.

Why is it important to get the QAP Quality Seal?
In highly competitive markets such as transport, the differentiation of a company is essential. Having the Wtransnet quality seal provides a recognition that many companies take into account when looking for new partners as this means they are a safe and reliable company.

How do I get my Quality Seal?
Log in to your private area and in the settings tap download the seal in the web version. By adding the code in your site (for this you may need the help of your technical people or webmaster) your will be distinguished to your potential partners as a certified transport company.
Wtransnet has certified more than 10,000 companies, being a quality label recognized in 23 countries in Europe and Latin America. Transport companies that are members of Wtransnet and have the QAP quality seal can establish business relationships in an environment of trust.

Identify yourself as a safe company and so, get your QAP Quality Seal.

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