Wtransnet associates highly value the management of unpaid claims

Wtransnet offers a specialized service in the treatment and resolution of possible unpaid invoices among associated companies: the Payment Incidence Department created in 2000.
Wtransnet mediates the complaints and thanks to its strict procedure, in 2012 the volume of incidences were reduced by 35%
In case of not receiving the payment of an invoice already claimed, the carrier informs the Incidence Department which will start the claiming process to the debtor and may block its access to the Exchange.
Moreover, Wtransnet has an Audit Committee of Associates reinforcing the work of the Incidence Department by monitoring the behaviour of the associated companies and penalizing those who do not comply with the rules.
Mr. Juan Lamelas from the company Osasuna Operador de Transportes, S.L. values this service in the following way:

«I want to thank you for the fast management to my payment claim for a promissory note that was due. I guess many complaints will be coming into your department at present because of the difficult times for all companies. Therefore, I appreciate the criteria and standards that Wtrnasnet is binding on all partners. I congratulate Wtransnet for this well done job”.

Juan Lamelas Prieto

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