Wtransnet received more than 2000 requests for registration, however many of them were not accepted due to negative credit assessment results

In the year 2010, only 1228 of 3400 requests for registration were accepted by Wtransnet. Credit assessments and the verification of transport documents and references are indispensable requirements to guarantee security and trust within the network.
Already at its beginnings, Wtransnet focused on creating a network of reliable companies-and this is where Wtransnet differs from other systems. The security checks which were implemented at the very beginning in 1997 are constantly being improved by incorporating suggestions of customers.
Wtransnet verifies the following information before registering a new company:

Verification of company data: Contact data and company documentation are compared and verified for correctness. It is fundamental to collaborate with facilities that are entitled to check the creditworthiness of companies.

Verification of transport documents: International transport licenses and registration certificates are verified.

Recommendations of other companies: New associates have to give references of reliable companies which confirm a good collaboration with them.

These security measures are complemented by follow-ups. During these follow-ups the customers are informed of the next update of their documents. So it is possible to maintain the security and reliability standards within the network, which is one of the main characteristics of Wtransnet.
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