Wtransnet turns the stand of Transport Logistic into a meeting point for its members

As previously announced, Wtransnet made available to its associated companies the stand of Transport Logistic with the aim of creating a meeting point to encourage contacts and potential business collaborations in a different environment than usual.
The initiative was well received from associated companies of Wtransnet, who took the most of the visit for meeting other professionals that had previously set an appointment through the Notice Board launched in May, or by other means.

Companies from all Europe as Grupo TT and Larson Martin (Spain), Nord Cargo (Netherlands), Sud Transporti and One Express (Italy) or F.T.S.H.Mielczarek Andrzej (Poland) highly appreciated the possibility of conducting meetings and establishing new business relationships.

In the words of Witold Kopka (F.T.S.H.Mielczarek Andrzej “We thank Wtransnet for creating a space for meeting with potential clients within their own stand. This has permitted a first contact with other professionals with whom to collaborate in the future”.

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