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Cargo plus, against the identity thefts

In the visits to some companies associated to the Freight Exchange, Wtransnet has observed a widespread concern in the transport industry about the recent cases of identity theft.
In front of this situation, the professionals need to work in a more private environment, with companies they already know. Cargo Plus, the Wtransnet advanced freight exchange, makes this possible thanks to a system that informs by email about the loads first to their usual carriers and secondly to the public freight exchange, in case these loads have not been awarded to their known carriers.
Besides, the freights that are dumped on the public Exchange find a platform to work with reliable carriers as they have been previously filtered following the Wtransnet quality policy (QAP).
Cargo Plus is also the solution to those companies whose customers do not authorise their offers be offered in the public exchanges, avoinding the cascading sales and protecting them from its competitors. Also, it centralizes the suppliers database, the information of the loads and of the empty own trucks which is very useful to companies with their own fleet but with some specific needs to subcontract to other carriers.

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