Collaboration agreement between wtransnet and A.N.I.T.A. association (Italy)

The Freight Exchange and the Asociazione Nazionale Imprese Transporti Automobilistici have signed a collaboration agreement with a common purpose:  Improve in security.

A.N.I.T.A. is an Association that groups big Italian hauliers like Arcese, Fili di Martino, Automarochi and Fercam to mention some of them. Since 1994, it represents and works in favour of the interests of the Italian companies with own fleet between 20 and 1.000 trucks. At present, it has 3.000 associated companies with a total of 50.000 trucks.
Their aim is to promote the growth and the competitiveness and propose to work with the so-called “Italian system” of goods transportation, promoting the commercial relationships among professionals with enterprising vocation.
Values such as security and reliability, present in  A.N.I.T.A. philosophy, are common to the quality policy QAP (Quality Assurance Policy) of Wtransnet. Also, the aim of contributing in the economical growth of their associated companies in a reliable environment. All this has encouraged Wtransnet to collaborate with A.N.I.T.A.
The current economic crisis makes the companies work in a different way. The necessary cost optimization requires more collaboration with companies from the same sector that until now had not been necessary. The clients still demand the maximum quality and security, so this collaboration must be realized in a professional and reliable controlled environment.
So, from now on, the companies interested in establishing safe business relations with Italian companies, have in Wtransnet a big data base of recommended companies working under the same criteria, exclusively filtered and whose behaviour is monitored continuously.

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