Wtransnet offers Doc&Data as the solution for transport supplier approval

The amendment of the penal code on corporate and legal entity liability has changed the landscape of supplier contracting and management. The new regulatory framework requires planning a series of actions to avoid liability for illegal practices committed by suppliers while executing the service for which they were hired.

The concept of compliance includes all these actions and is based on a management protocol that allows companies to ensure that they hire suppliers who operate in compliance with the law. For example, it ensures suppliers are up to date with tax payments, implement the appropriate labour policies and have the capabilities to perform the contracted service. Compliance is an important issue to keep in mind: by law, the absence of a prevention protocol or the inability to demonstrate that you have acted diligently places criminal responsibility on the contracting party.



The situation become even more complex if we apply this scenario to the transport sector, considering how difficult it is to manage many suppliers and the possibility that loads can be picked up by a different haulier as a result of outsourcing.

Driven by this new legislation, we find that companies have a growing awareness about the need to exercise greater control over their suppliers, thereby not only avoiding the legal consequences that result from negligence, but also differentiating themselves from the competition through excellence in supplier management.

Wtransnet, faced with this new landscape and after 20 years of providing innovative and efficient tools for road hauliers, offers Doc&Data as the ideal solution for approving and certifying transport companies. It is designed to help freight companies establish a suitable approval protocol that exempts them from liability for illegal practices committed by suppliers.

With over 100,000 documented trucks and 11,000 certified carriers, Wtransnet has been building a safe work environment for 20 years, making the certainty of working exclusively with the best companies its differential value. With two decade of experience at its back, Wtransnet now offers Doc&Data and its database of approved hauliers as an efficient solution to meeting industry demands. The tool easily and rigorously facilitates compliance with current legislation without resulting in additional administrative work for the contracting company.

Doc&Data is a platform to efficiently manage documentation and the supplier approval process, providing greater management control, the unification of criteria and the centralisation of documents and operational information in a single database.

Wtransnet and its approval service are also responsible for compiling the legally required documentation and uploading it to the platform so that it can be checked online; requirements can be customised and document expiration alerts can be set by the haulier. Not only that, but the crucial difference between Doc&Data and other solutions on the market is that carrier certification is completed with the information extracted from its activity history on the Wtransnet freight exchange, where the behaviour of hauliers and contracting companies are constantly monitored.

This control can also be extended to the truck that collects the freight during the transport process. By checking the vehicle registration plate on the Wtransnet database we can ensure that the contracted carrier is in fact transporting the goods and that the load has not been outsourced, something that would expose you to risks like a subsequent claim for payment under the LOTT with Direct Action.

With Doc&Data and its approval service and database of over 11,000 pre-approved hauliers, Wtransnet offers the perfect solution to keep you having to start from scratch if you have decided to establish a protocol and need to certify your carriers. Wtransnet will even take care of the approval of suppliers not yet included in the database to ensure you never have to worry about procedures or dedicate internal resources.

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