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Discover CARGO PLUS, the most advanced Freight Exchange

An innovative solution pioneer in the sector, born as the answer to the current market requirements: Cargo Plus is the first Freight Exchange that prioritizes to work with known hauliers in a private environment. The system first sends the freights by email to these known hauliers and next offers them as a second option in the public exchange when there is no answer.
Cargo Plus represents a new quality step to the Dispatching Departments as it makes the work more dynamic and guarantees punctuality and professionalism in the service.
Also, the freights which are automatically dumped to the public freight exchange find a platform for working with reliable companies, following the quality policy of Wtransnet (QAP) previously filtered.
Cargo Plus permits to manage in one screen all the freights and the availability of your supplier’s trucks by an automatic matching. By this way, the application proposes the best candidates for the available freights and they will be informed by email. In case there is no answer, you have the possibility to transfer the information of your load in the Wtransnet public exchange. Besides, Wtransnet clients can offer their trucks in your private exchange.
Cargo Plus has not only advantages for the Dispatching Department: it is the solution for those clients who do not want their freights are viewed in public exchanges, avoiding the “freight spam”, protecting them from the competition and it also makes it possible centralizing the suppliers database and having the availability of freights and empty trucks in one screen which is very useful for companies with different branches/offices.

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