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How to ensure that the lorry collecting my goods is the one which I have procured via a freight exchange

buscador-matriculas-wtransnet-peqNearly 80,000 number plates have already been registered in WFinder 2.0, the search engine for Wtransnet members.
Since the members’ search engine was relaunched under the name WFinder 2.0, Wtransnet provided its members with a powerful commercial tool which allows its members to check detailed and permanently up-to-date information on more than 10,000 transport and logistics companies.


One of the most notable characteristics of WFinder 2.0 is the possibility of carrying out “customised” searches, with a high level of precision, and segmenting based on multiple categories.
Since it was updated, it is worth highlighting the warm welcome provided to the “Search by number plate” option. A detail which we wanted to mention, given that this corresponds to a trend we have been seeing in the sector for the last few years.

Why do companies offering loads on Wtransnet check the number plates of the procured vehicles?

Without a doubt, the answer is that they are taking security evermore seriously and hence they strive, not only to meet the quality standards which the freight exchange established via the QAP System, but they also want their collaborators to do the same.

Within the transport sector, it is quite normal for transports to be subcontracted to other companies when the company initially procured cannot deal with the work volume or does not have lorries travelling that route.  When properly understood, this system does not entail any damage for the sector unless subcontracting becomes a chain activity which leads to the re-sale of loads by the subcontracted company.


When this occurs, we run the risk of the forwarders who finally make the trip not being associated to Wtransnet, which would entail loosing the guarantees which we had initially thought were covering the transport. Hence we want to emphasise on the convenience of asking the forwarder for the number plate of the vehicle with which the load will be transported, enabling us to use the Wtransnet members’ search engine (WFinder) for verifying that this number plate is actually registered and that its documentation is valid.

Since Wtransnet launched an awareness campaign regarding this matter, in September 2014, there have been more than 7,800 new number plates registered (until May this year) , a 20% increase which allows us to talk of figures reaching nearly 80,000 registered number plates.  A simple procedure which will help us avoid more than one headache, as well as contributing to end the re-sale of loads.

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