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How to finish with the resale in the freight exchanges

150x150-busqueda-por-matriculasIn the transport sector it is usual the outsourcing to other companies because of a high volume of loads or lack of trucks in a specific route. In a schematic way, the usual procedure begins when the industry outsources the management of its transport through a transport company or agency. This link in the chain will be the one in charge of arranging the transport. If this company cannot carry out this service because of lack of trucks or overwork, the transport will be subcontracted to another company.


This does no harm to the sector unless outsourcing becomes an activity in chain leading to the resale of loads by the subcontractor.


In the context of freight exchanges, we find many agencies and transport companies looking for trusted partners to subcontract the transport of their customers. If the subcontracted carrier resells the freight, the security guarantees offered by the freight exchange will then be lost.
So, what guarantees do I have when working with a Freight Exchange? What happens if I assign a load to a reliable supplier from a freight exchange and this company resells the load to another company whose reliability I do not know?
In Wtransnet, whose philosophy has always been providing the user a safety working environment, these practices are penalized and there are tools to avoid them. We already presented a decalogue on how to work safely inside the freight exchanges from the recommendations made by IRU (International Road Transport Union).

Today we focus on one of these recommendations: checking of the plate numbers through the Associates Searcher.  A simple procedure that can save us more than a headache and contribute to finish with the resale of loads and avoid unpaid invoices within the subcontracting chain that does not belong to us.


By the WFinder 2.0 (associates searcher) it is possible to search a plate number to quickly check that the carrier that is charging our load is the one we have contracted and so there is no resale but we are guaranteed by the Wtransnet safety environment .
As we have already said before, it is necessary the commitment of all the users to make a freight Exchange secure. The security provided by a freight exchange does not guarantee 100% that all operations are carried out without any incident. Therefore, it is necessary a commitment by the user to undertake the appropriate precautions when working with a partner.

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