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Increases the offer of trucks to southern and western Europe

Wtransnet is a freight exchange for carriers. This is confirmed by the statistics that indicates a growth in 2011 of  50% of trucks’ offers with origin in central Europe to several destinations. In total, the offer of trucks has been about  5.427.530.
If to the habit of offering trucks of our users,  we add up that countries with more presence in Wtransnet are the one with the largest number of transport companies, the result is a freight exchange where forwarding companies can find a good offer of hauliers.
It is interesting to point out also that a 59.43% of the Wtrasnet associates are carriers with own trucks and with family tradition in transport activity.
This grant one degree of special confidence, which combined with the filters that this freight exchange already performs regarding documentation, references and the follow up on the good work of the hauliers, place it in one of the safest in the market with a grade of zero incidents, suitable for international dispatching departments of the companies having loads in the Netherlands and central Europe.

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