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Jaume Esteve, CEO of Wtransnet, reviews the year 2014 and forwards his priorities for the new year

jaume-esteve-wtransnet-150x150The launch of the Wtransnet App will be the undisputed star of 2015
This is one of the new resolutions for the new year as one of the challenges presented by the transport of goods by road sector.




Following a summary of what has 2014 meant to Wtransnet as per its CEO, Jaume Esteve.

In 2014 there has been a 12% increase of load offers
2014 has been a mixed year with strong differences between the first and second half of the year. Compared to last year, the loads offered in Wtransnet have increased by 12% and the ones with more increase are import loads from Europe to Spain having grown in the last months of the year by 44%
As regards export loads from Spain to the rest of Europe, they have globally decreased by 1% being the period with more decrease last quarter of the year as the fall has been a 12% compared to 2013.
The international loads from and to other European countries, although they experienced a strong increase (20%) during the first half of the year, they have fallen by 2% in the second half.

Cargo Plus and the quick form, the main novelties of Wtransnet in 2014
During the last year we have detected an increasing tendency of the users to want to work within an environment of trusted partners. Transport companies have realized that to be competitive they need to base their growth strategy in stable collaborations with reliable partners. As a result of this market tendency, Wtransnet has launched CARGO Plus, an online application that allows each company to create its own assignment system of loads in a private environment of known carriers.
Another successful launch has been the quick form to offer loads. It is now possible to publish loads through a quick form that allows using the information from previous offers or creating a new offer from basic data. Thus, the time required to offer a load is reduced by 60%.
And for 2015?

Consolidation in Europe remains a priority for Wtransnet
After betting on the Italian market during 2014, opening a sales office in the Alpine country, the goal for the immediate future in the international expansion of Wtransnet to the center of Europe. Countries like France, Germany and The Netherlands, which have already been a priority last year will remain being strategic for 2015 since they have made a significant rate of growth within the Freight Exchange. Only in The Netherlands the number of clients have increased by 154.8%.


Wtransnet will launch its App for mobile devices in the next weeks
The next project we are finalizing is the App for mobile devices, incorporating unique features and whose launch is scheduled for early 2015. This is a fully functional application to offer trucks and search for loads in such a way that the user will receive an alert on the mobile when there are matches with his searches and may also find loads depending on his location in real time.
The App will also allow the use of the payment guarantee, being the only Freight Exchange in the market that ensures the payment of the invoices instantly before loading the truck.

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