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Working as a network: new techniques for more efficient road haulage

Technology has affected the way transport contracts are carried out for quite some time. It comes as no surprise that the entire supply chain has done everything to adapt to modern times, using planning and new methods to increase efficiency and respond to consumer demand.

Transport companies are not immune to this process, and to increase efficiency and profits on trips have augmented their management with the technological tools required to provide immediate and reliable access to updated information, collaborate more effectively with partners and respond to new supply chain demands.

In step with these new needs, Wtransnet has spent the last two decades promoting a collaborative culture among transport companies that want to expand their horizons and find new business opportunities within a safe working environment.


In addition to providing a Business Assistant, which helps partners make the most of the freight exchange and discover other companies with complementary needs, Wtransnet offers the technology needed to network more efficiently through private freight exchanges.

This is a formula for groups who want to work in private environments and leverage group synergies to optimise available loads and trucks. A tool that is increasingly gaining ground in response to this new way of approaching transport and which makes it possible to intensify collaboration and communication between companies that already have a working relationship.

The private freight exchange makes it possible to see all information about load and truck availability for all companies in the group in real time and on a single screen. Both special offers and providers are only available to members of the group, although they can also easily participate in Wtransnet’s public exchange if they can’t find what they are looking for on the private network.

For the past 20 years Wtransnet has been the best ally for companies that want to improve their business, not only through the freight exchange but also by providing a range of additional support and advisory services to help members find new contacts, providers or carriers for working as a network.

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