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Business Assistant and App, the most appreciated services among Wtransnet’s partners

One of Wtransnet’s pillars is customer care. For this reason, this year, we have carried out a poll among our partners to know first hand how they evaluate the service and which are the most used features among all those offered by Wtransnet.

Customer care’s quickness

Among all interviewees, a 94% tells that has been immediately served, or better to have waited only 3 minutes at most to speak with the required person. Percentages are the same than last year therefore customer care’s quickness is still a strong point of the service offered by Wtransnet to its partners.

These good numbers are the same for those who have contacted via email or through the webpage: a 44% was served after few minutes and a 24% after few hours.

 Business Assistant’s importance

Each Wtransnet’s partners has an account manager (or Business Assistant), focused on a personalized follow-up , adjusting his management to the specific needs of each user.

More than half, states that its account manager has trained them to get the most from opportunities Wtransnet offers. Additionally, a  52%  states that has been a great help to optimize their company information in the community, while a 44% has received training and tips unknown to get the most from the freight exchange.


Use of freight exchange trough Wtransnet Cargo App is growing up

Usage habits of Wtransnet’s partners are changing about coincidence query in the freight exchange regarding the evaluation obtained last year:

Partners that bet for mobile devices for searching loads in Wtransnet are increasing. Coincidence query in the instantaneous notifier, email, SMS and App double their use.

General evaluation service

A resounding 92% of the partners is very satisfied or satisfied with Wtransnet’s Customer Care.

The scope of these polls is to know how our partners conceive customer care service and which aspects must be improved in order to offer the best service to our clients.

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