The abuse report, a channel for the collaboration with security inside Wtransnet

In Wtransnet exists an Audit Committee for monitoring all the companies using the site and also analysing their history and watching over the established conditions inside the marketplace.
This committee have the power for penalising, blocking or even banning those companies not following the normative.
In this sense, the information of the associates about other companies is essential. For that, Wtransnet gives at your disposal this communication channel – The Report Abuse- for informing in a confidential way about any irregular action.
The Audit Committee publishes each week in the site the number of resolutions about cargo resale (forbidden in the Exchange), violation of the transport contract  (payment or transport), violation of ethics (for example offer directly to the client of others) or Suspect of controversial “twin” company for avoiding to register new companies rejected due to lack of payment.
Having this information helps Wtransnet to evaluate their behaviour and have a reputation with the rest of the associates.
Make a report of abuse means to collaborate with security within Wtransnet, adding to the control and filtering measures existing within the QAP system (Quality Assurance Policy). This results in a more secure collaboration environment, valued positively by all associates.

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