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The white list highlights companies with better payment terms

The White List of Wtransnet, was created in June 2007, responding to a suggestion made by an associate company for promoting and to highlight the companies that make a financial effort for paying to hauliers in shorter deadlines than the usual in the sector, regardless of term they are paid by their clients.
To become part of this list, companies must accept a contract committing itself to a particular payment term in the freight exchange. Initially, was considered good term of payment 75 days (taking into account that the initiative was born in Spain), currently can only include companies with three types of payment: 0 days (cash), 30 days and 45 days.
The adhesion is free, i.e., any company can unilaterally commit, but then is Wtransnet who controls that comply. If not, the company is immediately removed from the list.
These companies can be found through a special search engine and their offers are marked with a distinctive icon that contains the number of days of the payment deadline. Similarly, when their offers are sent by SMS are identified with the initials WL, indicating that is a White List company.
After 5 years, this service is one of the most valued by associates to Wtransnet, after the payment guarantee service. It benefits the carriers because they can choose the loads from companies with better conditions and it benefits the companies in the list because they got a great response to their offers
According to our Customer service department, there are many companies in the freight exchange that could be part of the White List because they are paying in terms shorter than 45 days and they have not been registered because of ignorance of the benefits this list comprises, especially central European companies.

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