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The Wtransnet automatic offer import is now available

importacion-automatica-de-cargas-bolsa-de-cargas-peqWith a view to speeding up publications of freights and trucks in the freight exchange, Wtransnet has developed a system which enables its automatic import.

The new service, which is exclusive to Wtransnet, entails no additional cost for members and saves considerable time for small and medium-sized companies which, despite handling a significant volume of loads and trucks, do not have a tool which allows them automatically publish the offers on the freight exchange.

Up until now they were forced to complete this task manually, but now this simple automatic procedure will only require they download an Excel template and complete the fields with the details of the offers. Once completed, they upload the file and the system proceeds to automatically publish the offers.

Using this system, they can publish freight and truck offers, either on the Wtransnet public freight exchange or on private management systems such as Cargo Plus.


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