The Wtransnet Foundation celebrates 10 years of providing support to the road haulage industry

The Wtransnet Foundation celebrates its 10 year anniversary in May, a decade dedicated to promoting greater competitiveness between transport and logistics companies with the support of new technologies and organisational innovations.

Promoted by Wtransnet’s management, the Wtransnet Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation that mobilises financial resources and channels them into technological and organisational research, development and innovation for the benefit of the transport and logistics sector, with a special focus on small and medium enterprises.


Anna Esteve, President of the Wtransnet Foundation, clearly defined the organisation’s objective in her inaugural speech: “Give back to society what it has given us”. Organisations, much like people, go through growing stages as they mature: they struggle to make their way, they make mistakes that they can learn from, they reinvent themselves over and over until success is achieved after extensive effort. It is then when an organisation, realising that it did not get to where it is alone, must reflect on what truly matters.

“The same thing happened to us at Wtransnet. We launched the project, we strove to make it understood, we made many mistakes, we grew, we learned, and 10 years later we feel the need to give back what the sector has given us. That was how the Foundation was created”, continues Esteve. “There will always be projects to promote, collaborate on, share and contribute to help enrich a sector that we believe in and to which we are strongly committed”.


Over the past decade the Wtransnet Foundation has carried out projects that have served as the impetus for industry collaborations, promoting partnerships between companies in a framework of cooperation and trust. Of particular significance is WConnecta, an international networking event for transport professionals which will celebrate its 7th edition this year. The event, based on the speed-networking model, has also been successfully exported to the Iberian Peninsula with the Portugal Transport Networking, which celebrated its second annual event in Porto last March.

The Foundation has carried out a range of other projects, including the Digital Signatures project, which gathered 3,500 signatures for independent freight forwarders, the publication of “El Camionero Recomienda (The Haulier Recommends)”, the launch of  Volunteer Transport in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, training sessions and, more recently, Wtransnet Academy, an educational project for schools aimed at training future professionals in the transport and logistics sector.

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