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Theft of goods in transit: prevention starts with contracting

The theft of goods in transit has reached alarming levels in recent years.

How can we prevent theft?

The driver is the weakest link in the chain, making it necessary for companies to establish security protocols. But security, beyond prevention, must be a commitment made by all transport companies when contracting carriers, since being able to vouch for drivers in-transit and knowing who the company is working with in advance is so critical.

Freight Exchange security

In terms of freight exchanges, this commitment to security must also be made across the board: starting with the exchange itself and all the way through to the users who contract carriers through the platform.

Which is why Wtransnet, committed to providing a safe work environment in which to operate at a European level, has developed a strict quality assurance policy: the QAP System. The system is not only geared to filtering new companies that join the exchange, but also continuously monitors daily activity on the exchange in order to ensure that all transactions are carried out under our security standards.



Users, in turn –whether forwarders or carriers– are responsible for performing a series of checks before contracting. First, it is crucial to ensure that the company and the truck are members of Wtransnet and have all documentation in order. It is also important to check that the driver who comes to pick up the goods is actually the driver that was hired.

In this regard, and with an aim to prevent risk situations such as the reselling or theft of goods, Wtransnet is encouraging its members to register their licence plate numbers on their customer profiles, since checking this number on our partner search engine is an indispensable security measure. In fact, there are now 42,000 vehicles registered on our system, which corresponds to 70% of customers, and we are expecting to reach 100% by June 2016.

In any case, Wtransnet offers its customers a Business Information Service should doubts about a new partner arise. Simply call our Customer Service Department to learn relevant information about the company you are considering working with: its history in Wtransnet, how long it has been a member, etc.

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