Wtransnet presents Wtransnet Corporate, the comprehensive solution for managing outsourcing, at SITL Paris 2016

The Tracking module, available starting in April, is an exciting new development that will make real-time tracking of freight orders possible.

The Semaine Internationale du Transport et de la Logistique en París, a can’t-miss event for industry professionals in Europe, kicks off on 22 March. This year, Wtransnet makes the trip to SITL Paris to present its latest innovation, the Wtransnet Corporate range of products: a comprehensive solution for managing outsourcing.

Designed for companies with a high volume of operations who are concerned about complying with regulatory supplier control, Wtransnet Corporate aims to provide the tools needed to improve supplier management, control and communication.

Wtransnet Corporate features 4 modular tools that can be used together according to the needs of each company and which easily integrate with ERP and TMS: Cargo Plus, Doc&Data, Supplier Approval and Tracking.



Cargo Plus makes work for Traffic Department staff easier by streamlining communication with suppliers. On one screen you can view all freight pending management together with a list of suppliers automatically proposed by the application itself based on available trucks, the carriers who regularly make this route and allocation history.

Doc&Data is a platform that makes it possible to work on a single database in order to effectively manage operational documentation and supplier data under a single approval criterion within the group. By using this tool together with Cargo Plus, users can see if the supplier has updated documentation today as well as its evaluation within the group.

As a supplement to Doc&Data, if the company prefers to outsource the approval of its carriers, Wtransnet will take care of compiling the information and documents and uploading them to the platform.

Tracking is the module that closes the contracting circle. Using updates the carrier makes on the app, the traffic operator can track freight transport and the delivery of documents in real time.

The company aims to create value in the outsourcing of transportation and logistics services with the launch of Wtransnet Corporate, providing an immediate, secure and profitable response.

Wtransnet is a company dedicated exclusively to the transport and logistics sector, a pioneer in innovative solutions that serve to optimise the transport of goods by road on a secure and reliable platform.

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