With a 90% coverage the payment guarantee of Wtransnet remains the highest in the market

Wtransnet guarantees the recovery of 90% of the invoice amount in trade relations established between companies from Germany, Austria, Benelux, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal or any other European country, whether EU or not.
The unique policy that Wtransnet has contracted with the multinational Coface for its clients on the freight exchange ensures that trips contracted within the freight Exchange have full payment guarantee, including the VAT.
Currently, 90% of compensation is the highest percentage in the insurance market, which only has access big clients. In the matter of Wtrasnet clients, all users can benefit regardless of the amount of the invoice, either € 200 or € 2,000.
The operation is very simple: the haulier who has arranged a trip with another user of the freight Exchange, before performing the service, requests online that the payment of the service to be performed will be guaranteed, obtaining an immediate response.
This quickness is possible because the 9.000 companies in Wtransnet are classified into Coface from day one, be subjected of continuous monitoring, which simultaneously allows companies that have credit granted, to offer loads on the freight exchange.
For companies to which the insurer Coface gives no credit, one further option is to present a bank guarantee, which also guarantees the operations performed by these companies with hauliers of the freight exchange.
This service, operating for 12 years, which pioneered Wtransnet and remains unique in the market, has proved the most effective so far to avoid payment defaults in these challenging times for the sector.

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