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Register with the European VAT

An essential procedure for the international transport
Register with the European VAT avoids conflicts when engaged in international transport. In this sense, for the transport operations performed for companies in other European countries are invoiced without VAT, it is necessary that the haulier is registered. In addition, you should check the validity of international VAT required when issuing invoices and international tax settlements.
The company paying the service should always check with the Register of Intra community VAT before performing the payment of an invoice without VAT. Not finding the transport company registered causes delays in payment of invoices and is a source of conflict, since it would be the payer who should pay for the VAT not billed.
To facilitate the verification of international VAT, the private area of ​​Wtransnet has a direct link to the official website of VIES system (Exchange of information on VAT) with real time information:If the system does not recognize as valid the identification number for VAT intra-Community transactions (VAT number), should check with their client. For the European VAT number, you must register in the corresponding Registry in each country.

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