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“Wtransnet is the only freight exchange on the market which does not accept industry”

Jaume Esteve, CEO of Wtransnet, responds when asked about the access of large shippers to the freight exchange market. Over the past few weeks, he has been asked several times why Wtransnet, unlike other platforms, does not accept industry within its freight exchange.

The answer is quite simple: “We view freight exchange as an area of collaboration between forwarders in order for them to provide their clients with a better service, but we consider industries should not gain access to freight exchanges as this service was not created for them. We do not aim to become the largest freight exchange on the market, we aim to be one which promotes a collaborative spirit and one in which the most important goal is to create long-term relations and to know in advance that you are going to be working with companies you can trust”.


The optimal solution for working in southern Europe

As the leader in southern Europe and, taking into account that traffic between the centre and south represents 20% of the total traffic for German companies, Wtransnet is the ideal partner for working in this type of markets, originally marked as “complicated” due to their high non-payment rates and the high number of merchandise thefts.
“As we are a Spanish freight exchange with strong growth in Portugal, France and Italy, we have developed tools to guarantee the security these markets require”.

Why is Wtransnet different from the rest?
“We work with solvent companies and qualified forwarders which, upon becoming part of Wtransnet, have accepted our ethical code of conduct. Likewise, we ensure the quality of our forwarders by means of a qualifications system unique in this market”.
Wtransnet also adapts to the demands posed by forwarders in central Europe, offering the possibility of finding freights there and back with guaranteed payment.
“The strictness with which we have worked since the very beginning, has now enabled us to provide an exclusive system with an on-line payment guarantee, which makes Wtransnet become a unique freight exchange where one can instantly guarantee payment of invoices before even loading the lorry”.
Business collaboration, security and solvency. This is Wtransnet’s value proposition, which remains true to its origin after 17 years on the market and with more than 10,000 associated companies in 23 countries throughout Europe.

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