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Spedifort | Training for logistics


Our portfolio includes 16 standard courses and 14 safety instructions. If some of your members are buying courses at Spedifort, then we are offering them a discount of 5 % at every order. Transport agencies and companies with logistics department. Your members have access to the best program for lateral ...

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“We’d like 2016 to lay the foundations for strengthening our business in other countries in Europe”


With 2016 newly upon us, we need to take a step back to look over the last year and analyse what we have been through whilst scanning the horizon for new expectations. During 2015, it’s clear that business has substantially turned around, seen in an increase of loads offered in ...

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Supplier management is a key element for transport companies with large trading volumes


At a time at which the crisis has significantly decreased the economic capability of many companies and reduced their client portfolio, some of these companies have opted for excellence in business management as an element for differentiating themselves from their competitors. Despite the law not foreseeing minimum quality standards, even ...

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If you want to save fuel, you should ask yourself if you are managing your fleet efficiently


Fuel is a critical part of a haulage company’s cost structure. If we add growing awareness among European Union member countries in terms of meeting community standards for reducing C02 emissions, it is understandable that an increasing number of companies are backing efficient fuel management to run their business successfully. ...

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VIIA+, the first Multimodal Freight Exchange, is getting behind a sustainable mobility network in Europe


At a time when Europe has set itself the target of “connecting up” all freight haulage on the continent by means of the Connect Europe Plan, multimodal transport has entered the arena as one of the best options to build up an efficient and sustainable mobility network. Multimodal transport uses ...

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Storageexchange.eu improves your map search for storage and logistics services with new cartography


Storageexchange.eu is the first specialised search engine in Europe that, in addition to stream-lining and efficiency in finding storage and logistics services, offers the chance to request quotes free of charge with no strings attached from several storage facilities to decide what best suits your needs. In addition, it can narrow ...

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Address: Av. Duque de Ávila, 9 – 7º – 1000-138 LISBOA Web:  Apat Phone: 351213187100 Fax: 351213187109 Email: apatlis@apat.pt Activities: Formation Additional Information: Delegation Perafita Av. Mário Brito, N.º 4170 1º Andar, Sala 106 (Edifício C.D.O.) 4455-491 Perafita Tel. – 351 – 229 962 329 Fax – 351 – 229 964 241 ...

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Flo Groupment

Address: Zone de Bordeaux Fret – Rue de Barcelone – Bât 1 – 33521 Bruges Cedex Web:  Flo Groupement Phone: 0556438484 Fax: 0556438355 Email:  siege@groupement-flo.com Activities: Engaged since 1993 in a real improvement process, the Members of the Group FLO have implemented concrete measures integrating the training of men, measures prevention, treatment discharges, ...

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Tred Union

Address: 184 Rue du Ladhof – 68000 Colmar Web:  Tred Union Phone: 0389210982 Fax: 0389243651 Email: jce@tredunion.fr Activities: Tred Union, a group of road transport and logistics, is a new alternative. Our strong regional synergy individuals, based on shared values ​​is guaranteed by Charter of Commitment.

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Address: Rue de la Mare aux Joncs ZAC de la Tremblaie – 91220  Le Plessis Pâté Web:  Astre Phone: 160766171 Fax: 160766172 Email:   b.vincent@groupement-astre.com Activities: ASTRE growing day after day a strong network of intelligent solutions in the fields of transport and logistics. The Group has a strong local presence, great flexibility ...

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