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Guide for establishing new collaborations: the company information service

servicio-informacion-empresas-wtransnet-peqHaving access to as much information as possible regarding a new collaborator is basic before you close your negotiations. So you can negotiate with the maximum guarantees of success, Wtransnet provides you with the Company Information Service. A free telephone service which will provide you with valuable commercial information and will help you to make the final decision if you have doubts regarding a specific company.


The company information system still remains the “great unknown” for some Wtransnet users, despite the Customer Care department receiving more than 1,000 calls each month requesting information before procuring and the companies who have used it over the last quarter, have done so more than once and some of them use this service on a frequent basis. This is a valuable and contrasted source of information which provides even more security to the intrinsic filtering measures of the freight exchange, acting as a barometer when it comes to choosing the best collaborator.


By simply calling, the Customer Care staff will provide all the details on the company’s history which may be of your interest: their trajectory with Wtransnet, how long they have been working with the freight exchange and any other relevant information.
You may access this contrasted and up-to-date information over the telephone as many times as you want. Our Customer Care team will assist you in 7 different languages, 12 hours a day, as well as providing you with customised follow-up in so far as the use of the application so you can get the most out of it. Noting that 30% of the calls received by the Customer Care department are precisely for requesting information on other companies.

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