The integration of freight exchanges in logistics management software

There is nothing new to announce that the introduction of line tools in the daily management of the transport activity results in costs savings and an improved efficiency for the company.
In fact, Wtransnet already allows the integration of its freight exchange with other logistics management software. A solution that permits to dump automatically in the system all the information necessary to post offers with no need to enter them manually. Thus, the planner saves time while all the advantages of the exchange are also offered: matching system, information about the companies, option of payment guarantee, etc.

The connection system between different applications and Wtransnet is completely secure and informs automatically possible errors when inserting the details of the offers such as wrong postal codes, provinces not corresponding to the indicated city, etc.
Until now, this option was used by large groups of transport and logistics to make the work of their dispatching departments profitable but it is gradually being used by other companies with smaller fleets and lower capacity of offering freights for the important savings in terms of time.

Okay, this is the present but what about the future?

To Wtransnet, the future of freight exchanges has to do with the automation of processes without losing of sight the safety. This means that we have to keep working on this premise while continuing to develop tools that enable the creation of an increasingly safe working environment.
As a matter of fact, this is the path already undertaken by large logistics and transport companies  that, in addition to their daily contracting operations through the freight exchanges, are looking for private environments within them.
Just following this trend, Wtransnet has developed CARGO Plus, the online application that helps you to choose the best carrier for each load based on the information that the system has accumulated from the list of regular suppliers.
CARGO Plus prioritizes to work with known carriers in a private environment. From the information available in the system, a list of suitable hauliers for each load is proposed according to previously selected criteria. This reduces the time of assignment of loads with the possibility of establishing rules and priorities of carriers with whom you wish to work, having on hand the history of all trips and to whom were the loads assigned and at what price. With CARGO Plus you can centralize and share the dispatching information within the company and work with quality and efficiency.

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