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WConnecta celebrates in Barcelona its most crowded and international edition with participation of 1.000 transport professionals

  • 1.000 professionals of 23 countries gathered in the  most important road transport event in Europe
  • Alter the success of its seventh edition, organization bets for internationalization and announces that, next year, Germany will be the location.

Last November, 11th the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya hosted the seventh encounter of Transport Professionals organized by Fundación Wtransnet. With a record of 1.000 qualified professionals, a 32% more than last edition, coming from 23 different countries, WConnecta confirms its international development, equalizing for the first time the international participation against the Spanish one.

WConnecta Barcelona 2016 stands firm to its format, although extending the day of work all day long, focusing its activity mainly in Speed Networking rounds,  where the attendants, divided for specialties and if offered loads or trucks,  hold more than 20.400 interviews of 7 minutes  whose purpose was knowing the highest number of partners complementary to their needs.




On the other side, the Cargo Area worked all day long at full capacity: 52 of the most important  European logistics operators and transport companies offering loads  hold more than 1.600 private meetings with professionals interested in cooperation.

This time, Italy participates as guest country, so that among afternoon activities, a Special Networking Italy  was carried out where companies interested in finding partners or with business focus in the transalpine country, could hold interviews with the  about thirty Italian attendee companies .

The date chosen for WConnecta 2016 was not by chance.On the 11th of November 1996  deeds of  establishment of  Wotrant SL company were signed, company that manages Wtransnet’s activity. As a consequence, a cocktail put the finishing touch at the event, giving the starting signal to  Wtransnet’s celebration anniversary,  which will take place during 2017.

Fundación Wtransnet  7 years ago thought that road transport goods, so linked to cooperations and building of long term trusty relationships, needed such event. After success reached by the event after 7 editions, whose location has been rotated between Madrid and Barcelona, José María Sallés, Manager of Fundación Wtransnet announces that Germany will host WConnecta 2017, an eight edition where a definitive move to Europe has been made giving the opportunity to other neighbouring countries to take part to:

“In Germany it will be a new start. We could grow up more but we will be a fair and loose the core event. With this first edition playing out we want to enlarge  WConnecta’s influence area, keeping an edition in Spain every two years, without forgetting Portugal Transport Networking,  which will be yearly celebrated rotating its location between Lisbon and  Porto”.

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