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Speed Networking in the transport sector: WConnecta exports its success to Germany

On October 6th the most famous speed dating in the road freight transport sector will take place in Frankfurt, celebrating the 8th  edition of this networking event.

The Wtransnet Foundation exports its highly successful format outside of the Spanish border for the first time. Germany will host the first WConnecta international edition. This venue was chosen in order to diversify the nationality of the participating companies and to increase the number of opportunities for collaborations at an international level.

The event will take place at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Frankfurt. The event aims at creating new international collaborations in a safe environment for the forwarding and transport companies participating. This kind of environment is guaranteed by Wtransnet Freight and Truck Exchange members’ registration quality policy.


WConnecta offers the option to find new partners in a fast and easy way among the approximately 300 participants of more than 140 European companies registered at this time. With the presence of 16 countries, Spain, Italy and Poland are on the top of the list of participation, followed by Germany, Portugal and France. It is also remarkable the participation of companies from Eastern Europe with representatives from countries such as Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Bulgaria among others.

“With WConnecta, we offer a unique international networking model in the transport sector. After seven very successful editions in Madrid and Barcelona, we decided to test our speed networking concept in a European location. Frankfurt has an important logistic centre with air traffic and road transportation. It represents the ideal place and it had lot of appeal” says José María Sallés, Wtransnet Foundation Manager.

Through the inscription, the participants will contribute with the DNA of their company, with what they can offer and what they are looking for. They are going to be divided into different areas of interest and activity. In this way, during the speed networking sessions, they are always going to be seated in front of someone complementary to their needs. The speed networking sessions are made of 7 minutes short interviews, where a first contact and exchange of information can be made. It is enough to detect if there is a possibility for a future collaboration.

“The event is unique and there is no other way we could contact so many companies in the international transport sector in such a short time”, says Florian Laub of DACHSER GmbH & Co. KG, who has already participated in several editions of WConnecta.

Those participating in Frankfurt will be able to meet in three different areas. In addition to the Speed Networking area and the Coffee Area, available for informal meetings throughout the day, the Cargo Area will be featured also in this edition. It is a space where private meetings between logistics operators from all over Europe and transport professionals interested in collaborating with them take place. The meetings are organized in advance through the restricted area in the official WConnecta webside or through the App, specifically developed for the event. The latter, in addition to allowing appointments and information on the event, has an instant messaging function. Those participating can interact before, during and after the event, knowing the list of the participants in advance.

Following this edition in Frankfurt, WConnecta will return to Madrid in 2018. This means that a Spanish hosted event will be followed by an European hosted one, year after year.

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