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“With Wtransnet Cargo App I can find loads in split seconds”

small-testersJosé María Hortelano, a carrier from Castilla – La Mancha specialised in consolidations, knows that time is crucial when finding freight. “There’s a lot of competition on the route I usually take loads and I’ve gained precious seconds with the Wtransnet app. Receiving an instant push message saves me time and therefore money”.



Wtransnet has just launched Wtransnet Cargo, an app designed specifically for independent carriers to geolocate freight available anywhere in Europe in real time. Along with the basic offer and seek functions, the tool features other options that streamline the user’s day, eliminating the need to be “tied to the computer”, says Cerefina de Diego, long-time Wtransnet member.


José María Hortelano
The “Return Home” option, for example, locates the truck, shows the available freight from the user’s location and notifies the user of matching loads as they are registered. It also allows the user to add up to eight different destinations.
The user can be connected 24 hours a day with Wtransnet Cargo (the session has no time limit) and with the “quick offer” option the offer remains valid during this period.
De Diego appreciates “being able to work exactly as if I were on the computer but from my phone. I would rate the app as outstanding”, he says.
Not only will the user benefit from greater speed and convenience, but users can access the “last created offer” as well to automatically retrieve the list of vehicles or freight listed as available.


Ceferino de Diego
In short, Wtransnet Cargo combines all the features of the freight exchange right in your phone. The carriers who have already experienced its benefits first-hand agree that the app provides greater convenience and speed.
Santiago Arcas, freight exchange user since 2009, confirms that Wtransnet Cargo improves the quality of his work. “The app is more convenient, since I spend many hours in the truck. With a glance I can check the exchange and close contracts quickly. I spend 70-80% less time on the website and save time”.
Furthermore, the application gives access to WFinder 2.0, the powerful search engine for Wtransnet associates. While most carriers tend to work for regular customers, with Wfinder 2.0 they can find information on new companies before closing a contract.


Santiago Arcas
Without a doubt, the comments from professionals who are already using the app best summarise their benefits, which include its practicality: with Wtransnet Cargo professionals can access all the freight exchange options comfortably from their mobiles without losing performance. In fact, the application even lets users ensure payment for their trips before loading the truck. In the words of Pablo López de Briñas, “It’s a good tool, simple and easy to use. It’s similar to the online freight exchange with the advantage that it gives you direct access”.


Pablo López
From the start, Wtransnet has been committed to technological innovation linked to the needs of its customers and the market. Through its R&D department it develops pioneering services for use worldwide with its own technology in an environment of trust and confidence.

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