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Wtransnet announces a commercial agreement with Geodis group

The innovative company Wtransnet, provider of informatics solutions for the transport and logistics industry, had signed a commercial agreement with the French group Geodis. This agreement covers all divisions of the Geodis group.

Division Route (full loads) with the brand Geodis BM (also includes Giraud International).

Divisions Messagerie & Express with the brands Geodis Calberson and France Express.

All international and France Geodis loads will be available in Cargo, the Freight Exchange of Wtransnet.
Leading Spanish and Portuguese market, with this agreement, Wtransnet confirms its strong growth in the international market, particularly in France. Its extended database of qualified suppliers and experts in the North-South routes is one of its main assets for forwarding companies, both national and international.
This agreement is the first between the two companies and is added to those already signed by Wtransnet with the other giants of the transport and logistics industry in the past two years.

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