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Wtransnet protected its associates of the alleged fraud of Grupo Logistico Balearia

The Quality System standards QAP have prevented the entrance of the entity to the community of companies Wtransnet.
The recent come to light of the alleged fraud by Grupo Logístico Balearia has confirmed that Wtransnet quality system is really effective. The company, based in the Balearic Islands, had applied repeatedly its register in Wtransnet, but by not complying with regulations for new members was removed away from the business community.
The Grupo Logístico Balearia – accused of reselling cargo to different hauliers and to generate defaults that, in some cases, reaches the amount of € 190,000 – had applied to be a member in September 2010. By failing to comply with the requirements applicable to all new members, was not allowed to use any of the services of Wtransnet. In particular, the requirements that the company failed were:

Lack of more than one year of activity: the company was established just 3 months before its application.

The register of its activity is not associated with the transport or logistics means the activity stated in its documentation was property development.

Lack of truck licenses of their own fleet: none of the 5 trailers that claimed to have, had the legal documentation.

Due to the insistence of the company, who claimed to have business relationship with several members of Wtransnet, its case was referred to the Audit Committee. For lack of documentation, the Committee decided to refuse, definitely the registration of the company.
The case of Grupo Logístico Balearia demonstrates the importance of the filter for new members and also verifies the effectiveness of all policies and rules governing transactions and clients’ behavior in Wtransnet. The system QAP, integrates many data and documents verification mechanisms has proven reliable.
FENADISMER stands for the National Federation of Employers’ Association of transports of goods. With representation throughout the Spanish territory, their aim is to defend the interests of the self-employed and small and medium-sized transport companies.
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*Translation of the case Grupo Logistico Balearia

Alleged fraud to hauliers by Grupo Logistico Balearia
FENADISMER promotes an association of hauliers affected by the alleged massive fraud by Balearia Logistics Group.
The “ringleaders” of the plot have contracted transport services to a higher price than the received from their forwarders clients knowing full well that would not pay the hundreds of deceived hauliers throughout Spain.
The National Federation of Transport Associations in Spain FENADISMER), an organization of 32,000 small and medium-sized transport companies, has agreed to promote an association of hauliers affected to take legal action against alleged acts of abuse and alleged fraud that have been carried out last year by the entity responsible for Balearia Logistics Group, dedicated to the marketing of transportation services throughout Spain and the rest of Europe.
This logistics company established in May 2010 with a share capital of only 60,000 Euros, contracted transport services to different companies then subcontract with hauliers, who came to offer without any scruples a higher price that the one agreed with forwarders clients, knowing well they would not pay the agreed price to hauliers. In this manner, although promising payment within 45 days, once reached the expiration of the post-dated cheques, these were dilated for 3 or 4 months in which the haulier continued to work for that company, after which and by not responding to such payments debts that were generated in some cases have reached the 190,000 Euros of financial loss.
Furthermore, in order to create the appearance of a solvent and prestigious company have used as trade name (Grupo Logístico Balearia) with great similarity to that of the prestigious shipping company Balearia (Grupo Matutes), without any kind of shareholding or corporate relationship. Even with the intention to mislead the affected hauliers, Head office were located in the Ibizan town of Santa Eulalia del Rio, in a location very close to the shipping company, although the transport services they offered has not origin or destination in this reg.
The paradox is that the “ringleaders” of this plot have used the same modus operandi in the past by creating successive logistics companies, who used for a few months until after consummation of the “have a hit” have disappeared.
Source: Fenadismer

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