Wtransnet specializes itself in routes between north and south France

The Freight Exchange Wtransnet is market leader on the Iberian Peninsula as well as regarding the European import and export from Spain and Portugal. Wtransnet has an experience of 14 years and 9000 associated companies of 22 countries. Now it is established in the French market as a freight exchange which is specialized in routes running from the north to the south of France.


Hugues Ober (Manager of the traffic department)
We are very satisfied with the services Wtransnet offers. By using the Exchange for long-term contracts, we could establish many new contacts with Spanish, Portuguese and German companies. We use the exchange for routes between France and Spain, for returns from Italy, and also for national routes from the north of France to the province of Lyon, or from the province of Lyon to southwest France or Perpignan.
Primarily, we work with Spanish hauliers which return to Spain. This is very important as it is difficult to find trucks at the moment. After the first contact, they inform us on a regular basis about their available trucks.
We have noticed that the initial price for the freight Exchange of 1400 € has decreased to 900 €/ month, which is something that we have in mindt.


Olivier Bassos (Managing director)
I am very satisfied with the services Wtransnet offers. I only have a tautliner and I work within France and Spain. Now I use Wtransnet for routes within France, from Paris to Marseille or Bordeaux to south-eastern France. Furthermore, I work within Spain.


Pascal Monnier (Managing director)
We are very satisfied with the services Wtransnet offers. We receive a lot of feedback. It is not only possible to find returns to Spain, but also to find loads for routes within France. We load groupages or full trailers in the north and unload in Toulouse or Perpignan.

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