Wtransnet becomes a reference freight exchange in the Italian market

Wtransnet becomes a reference freight exchange in the Italian market

Wtransnet Italy increases the number of trucks offered on the exchange by 244% in the first quarter of 2015.


“With Wtransnet Cargo App I can find loads in split seconds”

With Wtransnet Cargo App I can find loads in split seconds

José María Hortelano, a carrier from Castilla - La Mancha specialised in consolidations, knows that time is crucial when finding freight. “There’s a lot of competition on the route I usually take loads and I’ve gained precious seconds with the Wtransnet app.


Wtransnet includes business intelligence technology in its exclusive matching system to increase business opportunities

Wtransnet includes business intelligence technology in its matching system

Wtransnet’s users already enjoyed a unique matching system that calculates and relates freight and truck offers at real-time. Such automation simplifies the operation of finding a load or a truck, as it is not necessary to launch a search, but rather is the system itself that shows the matching coincidences based on the user’s bid.


Multimodal will also have its freight exchange: VIIA+ powered by Wtransnet

VIIA+ powered by Wtransnet

Launch of VIIA + powered by Wtransnet: the first multimodal freight exchange. VIIA and Wtransnet jointly announced, at the TRANSPORT LOGISTIC 2015 fair in Munich, the launch of the first Multimodal Freight Exchange: VIIA+ powered by Wtransnet.


“Wtransnet is the only freight exchange on the market which does not accept industry"

Jaume Esteve CEO Wtransnet

Jaume Esteve, CEO of Wtransnet, responds when asked about the access of large shippers to the freight exchange market. Over the past few weeks, he has been asked several times why Wtransnet, unlike other platforms, does not accept industry within its freight exchange. 



Storageexchange.eu, the solution to storage needs


Finding storage space is vital for logistics. To find convenient square meters to deposit the goods and carry out its handling and distribution may become an actual problem.








Wtransnet freight exchange grows up with new Italian carriers thanks to an agreement with Vialtis

Wtransnet, agreement with Vialtis

The agreement reached between Wtransnet, Europe’s Freight Exchange leader in security, and Vialtis, leader in auxiliary services for the international transport, offers the possibility to customers of both organizations to expand their business opportunities.




Wtransnet creates its own company based in Milano to serve the Italian market. Nicolo Calabrese will lead the sales team

Wtransnet Italy

This January 2015, Wtransnet, the nº1 freight exchange operator in Southern Europe, set up its Italian branch in Milano as a respond to the needs of the Italian transport industry. Mr. Calabrese assumes the Commercial Management of the company replacing Anna Esteve, who becomes the International Commercial Director of Wtransnet.


Wtransnet promotes the training of students in logistics and transportation

Wtransnet Fondo Social Europeo

In collaboration with several European universities, Wtransnet welcomes students to pursue an internship at its headquarters in Barcelona.